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June Swimwear El Zonte Surf Bikini Bottom in Summer Bloom

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Product description

The El Zonte is a bikini that we designed for our close friend Mylene, who is an avid surfer who spends most of her time catching waves in El Salvador. She needed something comfortable and reliable, so we got to work and dreamed up the perfect bikini bottom with a sexy, functional cut, and invisible seams so it always feels great. If there was ever a bikini bottom made for surfers, this is it.

  • Colors available for Summer 2017: Ebony, Summer Bloom, Angel
  • Mid-Cheek Coverage
  • Surfer tested and approved
  • Inside seams
  • Fabric: 80% nylon, 20% lycra
  • All June Swimwear products are lovingly made in Quebec, Canada


Size        Jeans Size
S            24 - 26
M            27 - 28
L             29 - 30

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