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Three Palms Due Back surfboards are made using our tough Moulded Epoxy (MX) construction and are designed specifically for the rental market. Coming in two different shapes, these boards have an excess of volume to make those early learning stages easy, and above all fun.

OUTLINE: The smaller sizes in the Due Back line are aimed at providing maximum width and volume in a shorter board. This makes them exceptionally stable, but still easy to manage in and out of the water.

The longer sizes can be classified as funboard shapes, with full and generous outlines from nose-to-tail providing amazing paddle power and flow on smaller waves.

ROCKER: All boards are designed with lower rocker to make paddling easy and maintain forward momentum and speed, even in unbroken waves.

FINS: Fitted with FCS II plugs makes installing and removing fins quick and convenient for rental operators and surf schools.

PERFORMANCE: Offering a large sweet spot across all models, our Due Back models require less effort from the rider to get the board up and going. These boards are a notch up from a softboard allowing novice surfers to gain confident riding on the wave face and start acquiring the basic fundamentals turning skills.


6'4'' 22 1/2" 2 7/8'' 48 ltr FCSII Tri Performer 60kg /132lb+
6'8'' 22 7/8" 3'' 54 ltr FCSII Tri Performer 80kg/176lb +

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