Lib Tech

Lib Tech Funnelator 5'8

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Description du produit

Speedy groveler meets performance shortboard. A deep concave funnels water into a narrowing double V creating incredible lift and speed. Thinned out tail rocker curves at the rail set up tight radius turns and agility in the pocket. All this built into a speedy fuller shape with straight rail lines. What could be more fun than surfing better than you ever have! Hendo Designs.
*Fins NOT included


Length Width Thickness Volume
5’4” 19.5" 2.3" 28.5 cl
5’6” 20.0" 2.35" 31.0 cl
5’8” 20.5" 2.45" 33.7 cl
5’10” 21.0" 2.55" 37.1 cl
6’0” 21.5" 2.65" 40.4 cl
6’2” 22.0" 2.75" 43.8 cl


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