Gorillasurf Mojo Monkey King

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3 pièces avec un Coperhead arch (moyen) et un kicktail en block wedge. L'adhérence est assurée par le classique et efficace diamond groove en mousse EVA.


Artist series, Nanda Ormond, who gives us an insight into his unique world of living and creating down in New Zealand, reflecting on his process, inspiration & appreciation for the simple side of life.

Pad Pieces: 3

Pad Grooves:  DIAMOND

The high performing Aztec groove now features multiple layers to match the variety of pressures placed on the pad by the surfer.

Pad Arch: Coperhead (medium)

• 3D delta design with narrow ridge and high rear point
• Locks foot into rear of pad for aggressive turns

Artist Series

• ​Nanda Ormond - New Zealand

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