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 La Omni est autant esthétique que fonctionnellement moderne à de nouveaux endroits avec une réunion propre et minimaliste des performances, avec son round tail et la conception moderne de rabotage de la Tomo. L’Omni peut aller dans les petites vagues jusqu’à 5ft avec une capacitée de glisse extrêmement radicale jamais conçue à ce jour sur une planche. Adaptée pour les intermédiaires mais aussi aux surfeurs avancés. Possibilités de la monter en 5 ailerons et l’Omni est faite en LFT.


5'6" x 19.375" x 2.437" Vol:29.40L

On September 19th, 2017 Kelly Slater surprised even his close friends when he rode the first waves of the WSL’s ‘Test’ – a first look at what a professional surf contest might look like at a KSWC pool.

Wearing the coveted gold jersey, Kelly got barreled, did turns, and made the wave look beyond fun. All while surfing an Omni… with a broken foot.

One of Firewire’s Instagram followers (@sol_y_mar_001) said it best: “A testament to how versatile this board is. Intermediate level, advanced or injured. Love my Omni”.

Obviously, Daniel Thomson created the Omni without user injury in mind, but he did create it with ease of use in mind.

We’ve watched this shape earn a dedicated base of surfers who vary in skill level from beginner to advanced. And we’ve noticed how easy it is to size this board correctly, no matter what length feels right. Some like it a few inches shorter than they are tall. Others get it long and ride it as a mid-length.

If we had to distill The Omni into three words it would be this: easy to surf.

The Omni carries width and thickness far forward into the board and balances it out by eliminating the more traditional ‘pointy’ nose. What’s left is an easy paddler with a pulled in tail that can be fun to surf from three foot beach break to ten foot reef break. And after watching Kelly’s example, it’s clear it works well at the Surf Ranch in Lemoore.

If they let you in.

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