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Product description

  • Dimensions: 11'6'' x 35''
  • Thickness: 6"
  • Volume: 365 L
  • Approximate user weight: 350 lb
  • Weight of the board: 26 lb
  • Weight of the complete kit (with the bag and the accessories): 54 lb
  • Board pressure: 
    • 18 PSI
    • 20 PSI for better rigidity (For a maximum of rigidity: inflate to 20 PSI! Approved by TAIGA)
  • Board type: Inflatable
  • Intended usage:  SUP fishing / expedition / Semi-Touring / Training 

INFINITE CUSTOMIZATION: You can customize and modify your board to fit with your fishing needs. Go see our -> pro tips

- Deluxe fishing kit included : board, center fin,

- HP6 triple action manual pump,a high quality carry bag, repair kit

- A Hooké X TAIGA Carbon Wood 3-pieces paddle, an exclusive Hooké x TAIGA design, with the same construction as our popularCarbon Wood paddle

- A fishing accessory mount, 4 screws and a screwdriver

- A standard fishing rod holder(possibility to get a flyfishing type holder)A leash coilA SUP anchor

- A set of two paddle/fishing rod straps

- A fishing rack


- Construction: Woven Fusion technology increases the rigidity of the board thanks to a lined intertal x-shaped mesh connecting the top and bottom skin. This innovative technology allows you to increase the pressure of the board up to 20 PSI and maximize stiffness.


- Shipped right from our shop in LaSalle, QC.

- Warranty and return policy

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