Surftech Longboard Gerry Lopez Long Haul

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Nothing feels better than to ride the nose on a long section hanging ten or even getting a cheater five up there. Any longboarder worth their salt needs to one of these moves in their repertoire and the Long Haul / Fusion-Poly makes it easier. The wide, full nose template gives one plenty of planing surface and room to stand up there comfortably. The square tail works as a release point allowing the board to pivot for quicker turns but you will be riding the other end of the Long Haul most of the time.

***Fins not included
Length Width Thickness Volume (L)
8'0" 22" 2.3" 57.3L (Green)
9'0" 23.3" 3" 74.8L (Blue)
9'4" 23.5" 3.25" 84.8L (Gray)



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