Taiga Hard SUP Hana 9'5

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Product description

The Hana 9'5 is a hybrid board designed to perform just as efficiently in waves as in calm waters. Its design and shape allow for an impressive stability for such a compact board.


The Hana 9’5 is our Akoya 9’5`s twin sister. With exactly the same design, we gave it a unique more feminine touch. Its design is made for paddlers looking for a shorter yet versatile board, easy to manoeuvre in the water and easy to carry around. Performs very well in SUP surf without compromising calm water fun.

Its V-shaped tail and rocker make for efficient turning control. It’s been designed for riders looking to combine stability and performance in small to medium waves.

Dimensions: 9'5’’ x 32’’ x 4,6’’
Volume: 165 litres
Weight: 26 lbs
Type of board: All-around / SUP Surf
Maximum capacity of rider: 215 lbs
Shape: concave nose, flat center and V-shaped tail.


  • CNC Machined EPS 15 kg/m³ foam core for shape precision
  • Sandwich-like structure of fiberglass and epoxy with 3 layers of each on the top of the board and 2 layers of fiberglass and epoxy mix on the bottom. Overlap of 5 layers on each side (rail)
  • Strigner in PVC
  • Wood veneer side panels to solidify and embelish the structure
  • High-density PVC reinforcement under the deck pad. All the insertions (plus) are reinforced with PVC as well.

Bungee elastics: 4 plugs on the front and back of the board with bungee storage.

Fins - INCLUDED: Thruster fin configuration including 3 fins: 1 central fibreglass fin (9'') and 2 plastic side fins.

Ergonomic handle design: Inverted V shape for better grip makes it eayer to carry around.

EVA deck pad: EVA foam pad, 4 mm thickness with anti-slip crocodile finish.
Fin Travel Bag (Included):

Includes many items: Key chain, screwdriver for central and side fins, various stickers.

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