Taiga SUP Kazuzu Air 12'6

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Les planches et pagaies TAIGA peuvent être essayées au KSF à Lasalle au 7770 blvd Lasalle, Lasalle. Le coût d’un essai est de 20$, toutefois nous vous créditerons le prix d’essai si vous achetez la planche le même jour.


The Kazuzu Air 12'6 is a INFLATABLE Touring SUP  built for expeditions or training. Its shape is made to keep a straight line and have much more paddle power and efficiency. Bungees at the front and back will be helpful to stack some gear for longer rides. 

Why inflatable? easy to carry, travel with or put away.

Dimensions: 12'6’’ x 31’’ x 6’’

Volume: 336 liters

Weight: 20 lbs

Board type: Inflatable / Touring / Cruise / Expedition

Maximum weight of user: 280 lbs

Construction: Drop Stitch technology is made with tens of thousands of fine threads. The process starts by joining two pieces of polyester woven support fabric with thousands of fine polyester thread lengths. This base material is made in strips from five to ten feet in width, and up to 400 needle heads may be used in the setup. Each needle sews a continuous, evenly spaced thread, back and forth between the two pieces of woven fabric, locking them together into an incredibly strong unit. 



TAIGA inflatable SUP sont are delivered with a 9" plastic fin, pump and a transportation bag. Paddle is NOT included.




Pump (included):  1 double-action manual pump.

Transportation bag (included)


9" plastic fin


Repair kit (included): Glue, PVC and valve adjuster.

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