Love Child PU White

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Aileron inclus avec la planche.

Avec une bonne surface à l'avant, le Modern Love Child est une planche de taille moyenne étant très versatile, vous assurant d'attraper beaucoup plus de vagues. Elle nage et tourne extrêmement bien, et s'adaptera à toutes conditions et à vos différentes approches. C'est une excellente planche pour débutant ou intermédiaire. 

"OUTLINE: The longboard outline up front creates a huge stable zone under the front foot and chest, which is great for catching waves early and riding forward towards the nose. The tapered area pintail keeps the board manoeuvrable and adds control in bigger, steeper waves.

ROCKER: The low rocker is designed to glide effortlessly into waves and maintain down-the-line speed and acceleration. The subtle lift in the tail rocker promotes smooth gliding turns on the face.

CONTOURS: Pronounced vee-double concave starts under the front foot and runs all the way out the back maintaining ample manoeuvrability on an otherwise wide, higher volume board.

FIN: Three different fin configurations offer 3 types of performance. The single and 2 1 set-ups deliver a free-flowing ride while promoting longer lines. The quad offers a faster ride with tighter turning capacity.

AESTHETIC: The traditional resin tints, rail laps, and gloss finish not only look striking but also guarantees that each board has its own unique appearance"



NOTE: Rider weight is based on board volume and intermediate rider skill level

6'4" 21 1/2" 2 7/8" 42.6ltr 7'5" Rake (supplied) / FCS II Performer Sides (recommended) 165lbs / 75kg or less
6'8" 21 3/4" 3" 47.6ltr 7'5" Rake (supplied) / FCS II Performer Sides (recommended) 176lbs / 80kg
7'0" 22" 3 1/8" 52.6ltr 7'5" Rake (supplied) / FCS II Performer Sides (recommended) 198lbs / 90kg
7'6" 22 1/4" 3 1/4" 58.6ltr 7'5" Rake (supplied) / FCS II Performer Sides (recommended) 209lbs / 95kg or less
8'0" 22 1/2" 3 3/8" 66.6ltr 7'5" Rake (supplied) / FCS II Performer Sides (recommended) 209lbs / 95kg or less



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