Surftech Blacktip Softop

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Product description

If you’re a beginner or ripping pro, the Blacktip from Surftech is the best board in the lineup for anyone looking to have the most fun. In any length from 5’6” to 10’0”, the Blacktip boards are easy to paddle and rides smooth. These boards feature durable and rigid multi-stringer cores, reinforced rubber bumpers at the nose and tail, heat-laminated, textured-soft foam decks and padded slick bottoms. The Blacktip’s have been the “goto” boards for surf schools, self-educated, rental, and the surfer that wants a safe reliable board for their favorite break. From the first minute you paddle out to the last wave of the day, you can’t help but smile and have a good time on a Blacktip!


Length Width Thickness Volume (L)
6'0" 21.0" 2.5" 38.4L
7'0" 22" 2.75" 49.5L
8'0" 22.6" 2.9" 61.4L


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