Moved By Bike

Moved By Bikes was founded in 2011 with the Mission of creating simple, effective products that make it easier to “do more” with your bicycle.  They are passionate about outdoor recreation, sustainability, and developing high quality products that merge the two.

Moved By Bike Moped Rack
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Not everyone gets to live a short bike ride from their break. If you have to cover some more ground, or just love zipping around on your moped or scooter, our Moped Racks are for you.
Moved By Bike Longboard Bike Rack
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MBB Longboard Racks are the best racks you can buy for getting your longboard to the beach with your bicycle. Our patented quick release bars allow you to remove the bars with the push of a button when not in use, and quickly reinstall them when it is tim
Moved By Bike ShortBoard Bike Rack
Not yet rated
MBB Shortboard Racks build on the popular quick release bars of our Longboard Racks, but in a lower cost double seatpost mount. If you only have short boards, usually boards less 7-8 feet in length, these racks are for you! Super quick and easy installati
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