Firewire Surfboards 2+1 Flat traction Pad
Not yet rated
The two plus one can either be a two-piece flat pad or a three-piece flat pad, depending on how wide of a flat pad you want.
FCS PCC-7 Tri Fin Set
Not yet rated
The best choice for bigger power surfers, the FCS PCC7 Tri Fin Set delivers precise execution and high speed antics. These proven thruster fins have a neutral outline and inside foil, making them perform well in a wide variety of board shapes and surf con
Octopus Dylan Graves Hybrid Grip
Not yet rated
12" x 12"

Three piece Hyrbrid pad with Corduroy Grip™

5mm center arch / 50º tail kick / 30mm tall
Rip Curl Pool Side Straw Hat
Not yet rated
The Pool Side straw heat is ready for sunny days, whether at the pool or at the beach. This straw hat features a printed brim.
Rip Curl Dawn Patrol L/S Springsuit
Not yet rated
The 2mm long sleeve Dawn Patrol springsuit is built with E5 Ultralite Neoprene and E-Stitch Seams, offering extreme flexibility for higher performance surfing.
Rip Curl Dawn Patrol 5mm Round Toe Booties
Not yet rated
The Dawn Patrol 5MM Round Toe boot offers a super stretch boot with many of the high end features in the Ultimate series.
Patagonia Logo Disc
Not yet rated
Inspired by Patagonia's own Chip Bell who is a world-class hucking-disc champion. Made by Discovering the World, the Patagonia® logo proudly adorns this disc—you know what to do with it.
Poncho Pudique Bleu Marin
Not yet rated
**The color is Navy Blue, please refer to third picture as an example. 

Our latest collab with Douce Bags! 

Limited edition, handmade in Montreal. 
C$90.00 C$75.00
Inflatable Belt Pack Regular
Not yet rated
Inflatable belt pack approved by Transport Canada and the Coast Guard.
Chandail Le SUP Fest
Not yet rated
The official T-Shirt of the 2018 MTL SUP Fest!
Rip Curl Aggrolite 2mm B/Z S/S Military Green
Not yet rated
The 2mm Aggrolite Back Zip Short Sleeve Spring Suit offers performance and durability at a great value. Back Zip entries are perfect for surfers who prefer an easier entry/exit system on their wetsuit. Less expensive than our E-Bomb wetsuits, the Aggrolit
C$119.50 C$83.65
FCS Triple Wheelie 7'0 Fun BoardBag
Not yet rated
FCS covers offer the ultimate in board protection and mobility. They are designed to ensure your boards make it to your destination safely and are easy to move around during your travels.
Abitibi & Co Kayak Mystic FB Lime / Black
Not yet rated
Skirt around a quiet cove, rolling in the surf, rising and falling with the push and pull of the sea. Glide effortlessly across the lake, watching your cottage get smaller as you near the islands begging for explorations. If you love day paddling and the
Taiga Leash SUP coil 9'
Not yet rated
Leash coil 9' 
Taiga SUP El Nino 8'3
Not yet rated
Taiga board SUP El Nino 8'3 is extremely light, designed for SUP surfing.
Surf Poly Mini Mod 7'10
Not yet rated
C$1,199.00 C$849.00
FCS 10.5'' Fins Unlimited Longboard Box White
Not yet rated
10.5" US fin box by Fins Unlimited (26,60cm). Color white.

The "classic" longboard box, for your malibus and longboards, from 8'0".

For longboards and single fin boards or 2+1 combination.
Firewire Surfboards Slater 4 pieces Flat Traction Pad Black/Grey
Not yet rated
This traction pad was designed for surfer’s looking for a more direct connection to their board, with the flat surface mimicking your front foot sensation.

Cutout strips provide a closer connection to the board while the square traction grooves provide
Poncho Pudique Mint
Not yet rated
Our latest collab with Douce Bags!

Handmade poncho in Montreal to keep you warm during your autumn sessions. 
C$80.00 C$75.00
The Heron T-shirt Unisex Navy
Not yet rated
Super soft t-shirt representing the heron, one of the emblems of the St-Lawrence River. Design and illustration made 100% in Quebec!
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