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Product description

Innovatively designed, ergonomic earplugs made from smooth, medical grade silicone. Breathable membrane by Sympatex®, designed to preserve the user’s hearing and balance while guaranteeing complete impermeability. The EQ Earplugs were designed by engineers and doctors (Technological Innovation Prize 2010 at EUROSIMA)
THE FEATURESSympatex® certifiedComposition: medical grade siliconeDiameter: 8 mm | Length: 3 cmEarplugs made in SpainLifetime fault guaranteeOne-time earplug-loss guarantee100% impermeable and 100% wind proof300% elasticityOptimal breathability
USAGE TIPS Place the earplug in the applicator.Maintain the applicator between the thumb and the index finger.To help insert the earplug, we recommend you pull your ear back.Firmly squeeze the applicator between your fingers and gently push inwards until you feel your ear canal become blocked. Do not force.Remove the applicator and put it in its case. When using for diving: no more than 3 metres deep, to avoid disrupting decompression.
WHY DO WE NEED TO WEAREARPLUGS The growing number of outdoor sports participants (surf, ski, bike, swimming, running) in challenging conditions has resulted in an increase of ears’ pathologies in numerous regions of the world.
A GROWING NUMBER OFEXOSTOSIS PATHOLOGIES Exostosis is one of the main pathology. Exostosis generates an excessive growth of the bone in the auditory canal, resulting in the loss of hearing and can lead to deafness in the worst cases. In addition, the bone growth allows waste and bacteria to sit in the canal, which in turn increases the case of ear infections.
INNOVATIONFOR WELL-BEING IMPROVEMENT In collaboration with engineers, the surgeons developed an ear plugs to prevent from those ears’ pathologies. Using an innovative design made of flexible medical silicone, EQ ear plugs has a breathable Sympatex® membrane, which allows the circulation of air in the ear, and therefore maintaining hearing and balance.
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