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Born in a Jersey hurricane... “Hey Matt, you know what would be sick? A HYDRA stretched out to a mid-Length” - Kev Mo Heritage Surfboards

It paddles great, catches waves with ease, trims till the wave hits the beach and it’s a Mayhem so you know it performs! To do all this we stayed true to the Hydra’s magic making design elements and made some performance enhancing adjustments. We reduced the intensity of the sidecut outline that locks in control and shortens radius of turns while gaining speed and maintaining control. We kept the double concave inside a single concave hull that adds speed while allowing proper turns and vertical surfing. We also kept the distinct chines that add release and allow a concave high volume board to roll easily rail to rail. We increased the rocker as the board grew in length so the longer rail line would fit into the curves of smaller waves and feel free. To be ridden about 12” longer than you would HYDRA or other Fish, or even 12” taller than your own height, depending on skill level and preference.

“The Glydra is an extremely fun easy to ride, stretched out small wave machine. Call it a long fish, call it a mini-glider. Call it mid length-Mayhem or call it whatever you want. If you want to have fun, it gets the job done.” - Matt Biolos.

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