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Product description

* New improved roller

** We propose different shapes in order to diversify and offer more choice of selection for your balance board. The shapes do not influence the use or difficulty of our balance board.

The YOGA SHAPE is designed for yogis of all caliber who wants to master their balance and push back the boundaries of their stability. This shape is the widest one of our selection which lets you practice many yoga poses. Its pure and simple form is appreciated by most yogis and Pilates enthusiasts.

Its light weight makes it easy to bring anywhere like the cottage or at a gathering with friends and family. It’s also easily storable and portable. For all ages above 10 years old.

  • WEIGHT : 1,93 Kilo (4.33 pounds)
  • DIMENSIONS : WIDTH 33 cm (13 inches) x LENGTH 66 cm (26 inches)

The Roller:

** The roller is included in the price of the board.

Our rolls are made from ABS tube that is very light and resistant. They can support a weight up to 350 pounds (160 kilos)

Our rolls are covered with a rubber coating that is conceived to improve the grip of your balance board. It will prevent your board from slipping on the roller. It’s important to use a yoga mat when using this roller in order to avoid dirt to stick to it.

  • WEIGHT : 770 grams (27 oz)
  • DIMENSIONS : Diameter 10 cm (4 inches) X Lenght 36 cm (14 inches)

Conception & Fabrication:

** All of our balance boards are unique. Your balance board may lightly differ from the image.

Our handmade balance boards are fabricated in Canada from 100% recycled Russian birch wood. This high quality wood is known for its combination of strength and visual appeal. This type of wood reaches the highest structural norm in the industry of construction with its rigidity and great wear resistance.

All of our balance boards are unique. They are all cut, assembled and sandpapered by hand using our team of carpenters.

Made in : Canada 



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