Lib Tech

Lib Tech LogoKSF is an official retailer of Lib Tech Surfboards, in Montreal, Canada. Lib Tech offer a variety of styles for every type of surfer, from shortboards to longboards to wake surfs.

Lib Tech Surf LOST Hydra
Not yet rated
Most advanced small wave board by Matt Biolos
C$1,050.00 C$949.00
Lib Tech Tri Quad 5 Fin Set
Not yet rated
The ultimate in versatility to fine tune your board optimally for all conditions…
Lib Tech Surf Pickup Stick 8'0
Not yet rated
Longboard version of the famous Pickup Sitck
8'0” X 22.3" X 2.8" 59.1 litres
Lib Tech Surf Pickup Stick 7'6
Not yet rated
7'6 X 22' - 53 liters
Lib Tech Quad Fin Set Large
Not yet rated
Fast, down the line projection, acceleration in all conditions and amazing hold and drive in larger waves and barrels.
Lib Tech Single Fin 7'5
Not yet rated
A performance single fin that blends a classic feel with a smaller performance feel… the perfect balance of control drive and freedom on our 8’ PickupStick or any single fin box set up.
Lib Tech Single Fin 6'5 + Side Bites
Not yet rated
A perfect set up for performance minded single fin with side bites box set ups like our 8’ Pickup Stick. Loose and speedy with great hold for progressive minded lines and surfing.
Lib Tech Surf Twin + Trailer - Red
Not yet rated
Two lead fins have 5.25” height, 5.12” base, double foil trailer has 3.9” height, 3.88” base.
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