Guava Surfboards Fish 5'10 Funky One!
Not yet rated
Handmade surfboard in Montreal.
C$900.00 C$700.00
Banana LFT 5'10 Thumb (Futures)
Not yet rated
5' 10" 18 7/16" 2 1/4" ROUND 25.6
Inspired by the extreme rocker boards that Greg Webber and Shane Herring developed in the early 90’s, the BANANA is a far more user-friendly version that Kelly and Greg developed for intermediate to advanced surfers. And
C$1,000.00 C$500.00
Rip Curl Aggrolite S/SL GB BZ Steamer Black
Not yet rated
The Aggrolite offers performance and durability at a great price. This short arm full wetsuit has many of the high end features you will find in our Ultimate wetsuits, but at a much lower price. We use a combination of E4 in the arms and Freeflex Neoprene
C$199.50 C$139.65
Rip Curl The Wash Layday 19'' Boardshorts
Not yet rated
19'' outseam with syle and ease. The cozy boardshorts.
C$64.95 C$51.95
Creative Army Taco PU Stripe Tint
Not yet rated
This mini simmons inspired surfboard is for anyone that wants to get out there and just have fun.
C$829.00 C$700.00
Lib Tech Round Nose Fish REDUX 5'6
Not yet rated
5'6 X 19.5 X 2.32 - 28.5 litres
C$899.00 C$899.00
Rip Curl Omega 1.5mm L/SL Jacket
Not yet rated
The Omega Long Sleeve Jacket is the perfect jacket for the surfer looking for an inexpensive wetsuit jacket without compromising durability or flexibility. Back Zip allows easy entry/exit.
C$79.95 C$55.95
Rip Curl Hanalei Bay Cheeky Bikini Bottom
Not yet rated
The Hanalei Bay Cheeky Hipster features merrow edge finishing and center back ruching.
C$49.95 C$39.95
Rip Curl Mirage Highway 1 20'' Boardshorts
Not yet rated
The Mirage Highway 1 board short throws it back to our roots with it's timeless design…but don't be fooled, this is a high performance boardshort, made with four way stretch Mirage fabric.
C$69.95 C$55.95
Kite Vanguard FST 5'4 Double Diamond (Futures)
Not yet rated
5' 4" 18" 2 1/4" DIAMOND 25.9 litres
C$1,000.00 C$799.00
Patagonia M's R1 Lite Yulex FZ L/S Top Black
Not yet rated
Made with neoprene-free 85% Yulex™ natural rubber/15% synthetic rubber (by polymer content) that meets our rigorous standards for performance, durability, warmth and sustainability; the natural rubber is derived from sources that are Forest Stewardship Co
C$179.00 C$125.00
Poncho Pudique Bleu Marin
Not yet rated
**The color is Navy Blue, please refer to third picture as an example. 

Our latest collab with Douce Bags! 

Limited edition, handmade in Montreal. 
C$90.00 C$75.00
Poncho Pudique Noir
Not yet rated
Our latest collab with Douce Bags!

Handmade poncho in Montreal to keep you warm during your autumn sessions. 
C$95.00 C$80.00
Poncho Pudique Mint
Not yet rated
Our latest collab with Douce Bags!

Handmade poncho in Montreal to keep you warm during your autumn sessions. 
C$80.00 C$75.00
Cover 6'6 x 23 (egg) - Mint
Not yet rated
Handmande in Montreal, the Douce Bags surf socks will protect your surf in your everyday use. 
C$140.00 C$89.00
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